The Rite of Spring

2020, Riga

Oil on silk, 110x110cm

When the ballet Rite of Spring by Stravinsky came out in 1939 it caused a near-riot, it was that controversial. Depicting Russian pagan culture and the ritual of finding a maiden in the spring and sacrificing her was interpreted through daring choreography, dramatic music and expressive costumes. Even today, it is mesmerising and impressive. To turn the meaning on its head and show resistance to the outdated idea of sacrificing a woman, another figure of a famous ballet dancer is juxtaposed right at the centre of it.


This juxtaposition of a modern strong woman in the Rite of Spring instead of a maiden who is being sacrificed is a statement of resistance. Instead of a victim, stands a strong woman full of energy and passion. Marianella Nunez as Tatiana from Onegin is the perfect subject for this painting to depict such a woman, as Nunez herself is known for being a highly expressive performer.

Rite Of Spring painting by Anya Vero